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   Preferred Method of Registration - Online Registration 
Click this link to REGISTER NOW FOR CLASSES:  DanceWorks Online allows you to view or update your personal information all year long. Registration is accepted online with a credit card or, if you would prefer pay by check, through mail with a printed Registration Form

Registration Procedure

Before registering for classes at The Dance Center, parents and students must read, agree to, and abide by all policies of our studio. 

By submitting your registration for classes, you automatically agree to all information included in The Dance Center's

"Policies and Procedures" page on our website. 

The "Tuition Policies" are also explained in detail on our on-line registration site, " DanceWorks On-Line"  -  Link above.

Registration Information

All students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to be considered registered, you must submit your consent signature as well as the full registration fee. We also require you to pay the first month's tuition in full.

For fall registration, September tuition must be paid in full by August 1 in order to secure your class selections.

* No registration fee is due for Summer Programs. A $50 deposit is due at the time of registration, balance is due June 1st. *