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The Dance Center LIONVILLE

Donna L. Muzio, Artistic Director

Located at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, Lionville

All dance classes at the Lionville branch of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine are a CONTINUOUS study of curriculum from September to June. (The dance instruction DOES NOT start new at the beginning of every month.)  The curriculum and dance faculty at the Lionville branch is an extension of The Dance Center in West Chester, Official School of the Brandywine Ballet.  Donna L. Muzio is the Director of both dance programs in West Chester and Lionville.  Ms. Muzio's contact info: or (610) 696-5023. 

The students enrolled in the LIONVILLE dance program follow the same SCHOOL CALENDAR as the students in the West Chester Studio.  All students are entitled to a make-up class, if they so choose, when classes are canceled due to holidays.  Even though the YMCA may be open, dance classes may be canceled.  Please refer to the calendar on the bulletin board and/or on - -  website. 


Students have 2 options for registration for all dance classes at the Lionville YMCA. 

YMCA Option 1:     PRIOR TO AUGUST 1:    Send the YMCA Program's Dirctor, Ronda Hamilton, an email – - requesting your class selection, family name, student name(s), phone number and email. An email will hold your spot until the YMCA is ready to accept on-line registrations in August. You will then be contacted by Ronda for payment.

YMCA Option 2:      AFTER  August 1:   On-Line or In Person

1) ON-LINE PROCEDURE:  Go to – follow the links to “REGISTER FOR PROGRAMS” – click on “DANCE”.

2) IN PERSON PROCEDURE: Go to the Lionville YMCA and register at the Welcome Desk. Either way, you will need a Credit Card or Debit Card to register. Fall Registration is open starting August 20! Reserve your space early as most classes fill quickly!

Registrations are accepted all year long as long as (1) there is space in the class(es) you are requesting and/or (2) your child's age and experience is appropriate for one of our classes. The dance director will personally consult with families who are requesting registration mid-year to see which class is a good fit for the dancer within the program. Mid-year inquiries should first be directed to: Donna Muzio, Director (610) 696-5023.

Your registration for your selected class(es) will renew AUTOMATICALLY EACH MONTH UNLESS YOU CALL TO CANCEL.


Tuition will be automatically withdrawn from your credit or debit card on the first of each month from September to May if you are NOT participating in the Student Recital in June, and each month from September to June if you ARE participating in the Student Recital in June. All classes and rehearsals count as a full month of classes in June. There are no refunds for classes missed. Tuition will remain the same whether your child's class falls in a 3, 4, or 5-week month. Students are entitled to a make-up class for missed classes. Please consult with your child's teacher as to what class(es) is appropriate. Again, no deductions in tuitions will be made for classes missed due to personal appointments, snow closings, YMCA Holiday Schedule, The Dance Center’s School Calendar, etc. Pro-rating tuition will only apply to new students starting in the middle of a month. Make up classes may be taken in advance of your missed class if you know your schedule ahead of time. Again, all missed classes may be made up – no deductions in tuition or refunds will be given.


45 Minute Class - Member Price $52 per month - Non-Member Price $63 per month
1 Hour Class - Member price $62 per month - Non-Member Price $67 per month

SCHEDULE OF CLASSES – 2017-2018 Dance Season


4:30 - 5:15 Pre Ballet and Tap Combination - Ages 5, 6 Recital in Ballet Only
5:15-6:15 Elementary 1 Ballet/Contemporary Combination - Ages 7,8 Recital in Ballet and Contempoary
6:15 - 7:15 Elementary 2 Ballet/Contemporary Combination – Ages 8, 9  Recital in Ballet and Contemporary



10:00 - 10:45 Pre-School Ballet and Jazz Combination – Ages 3, 4 Recital in Ballet



4:30 - 5:15 Pee Wee Hip Hop - Ages 5, 6  Recital in Hip Hop
5:15 - 6:15 Elementary 1 Ballet/Hip Hop Combination – Ages 7, 8 Recital in Ballet and  Jazz Hip Hop
6:15 - 7:15 Elementary 2 Ballet/Hip Hop Combination – Ages 8, 9 Recital in Ballet and  Jazz Hip Hop



9:30 - 10:15 Pre-School – Ages 3, 4 – Ballet and Jazz Combination Recital in Ballet only
10:15 - 11:00 Pre-Ballet – Ages 5, 6 – Ballet and Tap Combination Recital in Ballet only
11:00 - 12:00 Elementary 3 Ballet/Hip Hop Combination – Ages 8, 9 Recital in Ballet and Hip Hop


BALLET: Light pink footed ballet tights for Pre-School and Pre-Ballet. Light pink convertible tights for the Elementary Division Combination Classes. Pink ballet slippers - Solid color leotard - Short ballet skirt (optional) We DISCOURAGE tutu's worn for dance class.  Tutu's are for the stage, not for the classroom.  Ballet Skirts are more appropriate for class.
**Pre-School dancers are NOT REQUIRED to have jazz shoes for the jazz portion of the class.
**Pre-Ballet dancers are REQUIRED to have black or tan tap shoes for the tap portion of the class.

JAZZ HIP HOP: Tan Jazz Shoes. Jazz pants or Jazz shorts may be worn over tights. NO STREET WEAR ALLOWED!

CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Tan Foot Undies for the feet. Same body attire as BALLET 

HAIR MUST BE PULLED BACK IN A SECURE BALLET BUN FOR ALL COMBINATION CLASSES as they have Ballet as a portion of the class.  A pony tail may be worn for Pee Wee Hip Hop, but all other Pre-Dance and Elementary Division Classes are combination classes which also includes ballet, so a secure ballet bun is requiredOur dress code above is put in place so that the students receive the best dance experience possible.  Sloppy appearance equals sloppy dancing.



(1) The Nutcracker – Held at West Chester University Theatre

Ballet Students enrolled in either Elementary l,  2 and 3 Combination Classes are invited to participate in the Brandywine Ballet Company’s production of The Nutcracker performed in December at the West Chester University Theatre. Detailed information will be available on-line at after September 1. Participation is NOT mandatory, however it is a wonderful performing opportunity if you would like your child to experience it.

(2) Student Recital - Held at Downingtown West High School - Friday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m.

Annually, The Dance Center ends their year with a beautiful Student Recital for both the West Chester Studio and the Lionville Studio! The recital is held in June at Downingtown West High School. MANDATORY Dress Rehearsals and Leotard Rehearsals for the recital will be held the 2 weeks preceding the recital (the exact times will be forthcoming spring, 2018). All students are encouraged to participate in the Student Recital, but it is not mandatory.

All Lionville classes will participate in the Friday, 6:30 Recital Only.  We will not split up the Lionville studio into 4 recitals as we have in previous years.  Lionville students will have their own recital on Friday night.  Some of the older classes from the West Chester Studio will also perform on that evening.  Complete details and sign-up forms will be emailed to all students October 1.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who sign up for dance classes by February 1 are eligible to participate in the Student Recital. Although welcomed in class, students who sign up after February 1 will not be eligible to participate in the recital as it is the culmination of a years’ worth of dance instruction. Those new students who have not received the majority of instruction will not be prepared for the recital dance. Students who begin past the recital participation deadline should be aware that much of each class is dedicated to the recital dance.


The Student Recital is NOT run by the YMCA. It is run solely by The Dance Center and is combined with the West Chester Studio. All monies involved (except for June tuition) will be paid to The Dance Center. Participation in the Student Recital is not mandatory. Students not participating in the Student Recital are still welcomed to take class(es) and finish out the year of instruction until May.

Tickets will go on sale for the recital in March * on-line only * through Tutu Tix. Tickets are $16 in advance, $18 at the door.

Recital Cost: The cost of costumes is based on which class(es) your child attends. These costs are detailed on the Recital Permission Form. The total cost includes the Recital Fee and the Costume(s) only. These fees DO NOT include shoes and tights needed for the Recital. In addition, these fees DO NOT include costume alterations that may be needed for your child, as all costumes come in general sizing only. The full Recital Cost is due December 1. After December 1, an additional $15 Processing Fee per costume will be due to cover the cost of separate shipping and handling that is charged to The Dance Center after the initial order has been processed and in production.

In order to participate in the Student Recital, students must attend mandatory Leotard Rehearsal at the West Chester Studio on Monday, June 5 and mandatory Dress Rehearsal at Downingtown West High School on Monday, June 12. Student must also sign up and attend all registered dance classes until the recital which includes June classes/rehearsals. The Leotard Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal count toward the full month of classes as June is a full tuition month for recital participants.