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Performing Opportunities for Students

(1) THE NUTCRACKER: All ballet students, who follow the "ELITE" requirements set forth in "Curriculum Requirements" in the Elementary Division, are invited to participate in the Brandywine Ballet Company's production of The Nutcracker. Separate sign-up is required. All rehearsals are done outside of regular class time.

(2)  SPRING PRODUCTION with Brandywine Ballet.  In the event that the Brandywine Ballet performs a children's ballet, students who qualify according to level as well as with the same requirements as Nutcracker above will be invited to participate.  

(3)  STUDENT RECITAL –  The Dance Center's Annual Student Recital will be held on June 14 and 15.  Mandatory Rehearsals will be held May 28 to June 13.

Specifics are given directly to recital participants and will not be posted on the website. Every student enrolled in the Pre-Dance, Elementary, and Pre-Professional Division is invited to participate. The Recital Schedule and most details will be available to enrolled students either in late fall or early winter.

The Brandywine Ballet Organization

The Brandywine Ballet Company is a separate, non-profit regional ballet company in which The Dance Center is the Official School. Students 11 years old or older have the first preference for acceptance into the company. However, it is not guaranteed. If accepted into the company, these students will be guaranteed at least two performances per year as well as acceptance into master classes. The commitment of the ballet company is far greater than that of the Elite program.

The Brandywine Ballet Theatre is the professional arm of The Brandywine Ballet organization. Students who qualify technically, are at least entering their 9th-grade year of school, and are at least 13 years of age are eligible to audition. These students are a select group of dedicated dancers who will train daily and work toward a professional career in ballet. These students will be guaranteed at least three performances per year.

Brandywine Contemporary was founded in 2013 under the direction of Tim Early, Resident Choreographer, and Donna L. Muzio, Artistic Director.  Brandywine Contemporary provides an outlet and opportunity for proficient, classically trained dancers to explore their interest in Contemporary, Modern, and Jazz.  Brandywine Contemporary dancers are introduced to a broad spectrum of choreography and performance opportunities that will expand their background and create options for their future in contemporary dance.

For more detailed info:  Visit or call (610) 692-6402