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By registering for any class, session or program at The Dance Center, all students and parents/guardians indicate their awareness, acceptance and consent of all studio Policies, Procedures and Waivers as detailed on this website, which may be supplemented or amended from time to time. In that event, notification will be sent to all active accounts by email.




The health and safety of The Dance Center's students, faculty and families is our primary concern and constant focus.  We have implemented a thorough sanitizing daily cleaning of the entire building, i.e., all studios, lobby, and common areas.


A Non-Refundable $50 REGISTRATION FEE per family, per year is due at the time of Registration.



OPTION ONE:  Monthly Installment – 9 equal installments – September through May. 

OPTION TWO: Trimester Installment with 3% discount – 3 equal installments –  due on 3 specific dates. 

See Tuition & School Calendar for specific dates.

The Dance Center's holidays and school closings fall within the September to May calendar.  Refer to SCHOOL CALENDAR for all school closings planned in advance.  These do not, of course, reflect any school closings that may arise due to circumstances out of our control such as inclement weather, coronavirus, loss of electricity, etc.  In those cases, all students will receive an email and text notification by 3:00 p.m. and our class make-up policy will go to effect. (See below: MISSED CLASSES & MAKE-UP POLICY.) 


No matter what the circumstance, no tuition will be refunded, transferred, or discounted. There is a separate June tuition that is due June 1 for RECITAL PARTICIPANTS ONLY. The June tuition amount will be determined by the date of our annual School Recital. Our regular schedule of classes will continue until the end of May. After that day, only recital rehearsals will continue.


All Monthly Installment and Trimester Installment tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.  Dance lessons are a committment from both the parents and students.  No monies will be refunded, held on account or transferred to another student no matter what the circumstance or reason. Especially when signed up for the discounted Trimester Plan, families must be sure of their schedule as our NO REFUND POLICY is strictly enforced.  

The Dance Center accepts Cash, Check, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and DEBIT CARDS for all payments.  

With the option of paying tuition MONTHLY or TRIMESTER, there is an additional option of  RECURRING AUTOMATIC credit card withdraw payments. 

This convenient option gives The Dance Center permission to charge your credit card automatically on the 28th of each prior month for the Monthly Installments OR on the 2 remaining specific dates for the Trimester Installments. (The first Trimester Installment is due at the time of Registration).  The automatic withdraw option may be selected when registering for classes using our on-line process.   This option ensures timely payments and avoids late fees.

Summer Programs follow their own tuition schedule. See each Summer Program Information for details. 



A $10 Late Fee will be added monthly to any account if tuition is not paid within 5 days of the due date – this applies to both Monthly and Trimester Installment payments. A $25 Return Check Fee will be charged for any check returned by the bank for any reason.

If a student chooses to add or drop a class either as a result of schedule conflict or teacher recommendation, an e-mail must be sent to the studio with all pertinent information regarding the class/day/time of the class drop and/or add.  


Email notification to the studio is required. Tuition changes will be pro-rated for the remainder of the current Monthly Installment Plan or Trimester Installment Plan if the student wishes to participate in the added class(es) immediately.


FOR CLASSES DROPPED - Monthly and Trimester Installment Plan:  
Email notification to the studio is required. All email notifications must be received by the 25th of the month in order for the change to go into effect the following month. After the 25th of the month, no changes in tuition for the following month will be honored.


If parents/guardians so choose, a student may attend a make-up class in the event he or she misses a class due to illness, outside appointments, inclement weather, or circumstances beyond our control such as, but not limited to, coronavirus, power outage, etc. or when the student is participating in a Brandywine Ballet dress rehearsal and/or performance. Make-up classes may be taken in any other same-level class or a level below the student's current level. No formal notification of make-up classes is necessary. It is the responsibility of each family to keep track of classes missed if they so choose. Make-up classes may be taken before or after the missed class. No deductions in Monthly or Trimester Tuition Installments will be made for classes missed for any reason.


Students may participate in the Student Recital ONLY if accounts are current. This includes tuition, late fees and all costs associated with the Student Recital. June tuition (for recital participants only) is due by June 1 – prior to the start of all scheduled recital rehearsals. Students will not be allowed to participate in any recital studio rehearsals, dress rehearsals or recital performances if June tuition is not paid in full by June 1. June tuition is calculated depending on the date of the annual Student Recital.


The Dance Center may take images (photographs and/or videos) of enrolled students and families that may be used to document activities of The Dance Center. These images may be used in promotional materials, social media accounts and websites of The Dance Center and/or The Village Dance Shoppe. All images are for the exclusive use of The Dance Center and/or Village Dance Shoppe and are property of same. If any parent or guardian does not want their or their child's image used, they must notify and inform the office via email at the time of registration.


All enrolled students and their parents/guardians consent to the registrant’s participation in The Dance Center’s physical programs, classes, activities and performances, and acknowledge that they are aware of the significant risks and possibility of physical injury associated with participation in such programs, activities and performances.  Enrolled students and their parents/guardians recognize and willingly assume such risks.  Further, by registering for any class or program at The Dance Center, parents/guardians represent that registrants do not have any illness, disability or impairment that will endanger the registrant or others in connection with the registrant’s participation in the dance programs, classes, activities and performances offered by The Dance Center.  Parents/guardians represent that all students enrolled are in good physical condition and do not suffer from any illness, disability or impairment that would prevent or limit participation in any enrolled program, class or activity. 

In consideration for The Dance Center’s accepting registrants for its programs, classes, activities and performances, all registrants and parents/guardians release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless The Dance Center and its owner, employees, teachers and associated personnel from and against any and all claims by or on behalf of the registrant as a result of the registrant’s participation in such programs, classes, activities and performances.  All registrants and parents/guardians waive the right to bring any claim or suit and voluntarily release and discharge The Dance Center, its owner, employees, independent contractors and agents from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liability, damages, costs or expenses arising out of or relating to a registrant’s participation in The Dance Center’s programs, classes, activities or performances.

Parents/guardians authorize The Dance Center, through its staff and personnel, to obtain, consent to and authorize emergency medical care or treatment in the event that such care is necessary or appropriate in the opinion of the staff and personnel for the benefit of a student due to accident, injury or illness. The Dance Center will only exercise such consent and authorization for medical care or treatment in the absence of a student’s parent/guardian and only if it is unable to reach a student’s parent/guardian within a reasonable period of time given the circumstances of the emergency.  Parents/guardians will be responsible for making payment of all costs of any such medial care or treatment directly to the hospital, physician or facility providing such care.


Students may not arrive earlier than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled class time.  The studio is not responsible for any student who is dropped off early or not picked up in a timely manner.  Please be considerate: if your child attends the last class of the evening, please arrive early to pick up your child so the studio may close as scheduled.  Students must be picked up on time.  If an emergency occurs hindering timely pick up, please notify the office.  After l5 minutes past the end of scheduled class, a $20 fee will be charged for every half hour that a student is not picked up.  Again, the studio is NOT responsible for students who are not picked up on time.  

It is a violation of local ordinance as well as a safety hazard to stop at the curb in front of the studio and sit and wait for your child.  Please park in designated spaces and walk your child inside the studio.  For the safety of all students and families, the speed limit is 5 mph around the building and ONE WAY traffic around the building by using the left entrance of the Business Park off of Westtown Road and continuing clock-wise around the building.   


Every student is expected to behave in a disciplined, responsible and courteous manner when on studio grounds, and when participating in studio activities and performances, as well as dress appropriately and neatly for class. Any use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products will not be tolerated on studio grounds. The Director reserves the right to suspend or expel any student at any time if his or her attitude, conduct, language, appearance, attendance, payment record or the like is judged unsatisfactory. Any consistently disruptive or inappropriate conduct or behavior will be grounds for dismissal at the discretion of the Director. In the event of a dismissal, all tuition and/or recital monies paid to The Dance Center on behalf of a discharged student will be forfeited. Parents/Guardians also must respect the rules, policies and procedures of The Dance Center and abide by driving slow and cautious around the building, parking only in designated parking spaces, and refraining from any rude or aggressive behavior toward any other Dance Center student, family member or staff member. Any and all incidents should be reported immediately to the Director.


ZOOM POLICY:  The Dance Center reserves the right to change over all their classes from in-studio instruction to ZOOM instruction if they see fit due to any circumstance beyond their control.  In that case, the class schedules may be adjusted for the best experience for students.  No adjustments in tuition will be allowed and all families must be willing to switch to ZOOM and designate a sufficient space for their child(ren) to take their class(es).

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